Your neighborhood needs your support................

Your Barrington Farms Homeowners Association membership runs annually from January 1st to December 31st.  For less than $8 a month, you can provide continued support to the neighborhood. Two ways to pay, by PayPal or by mailed check!  Current membership dues are $95.00 per household for the year.

The HOA provides such essential services for the neighborhood such as:

-Maintenance and upkeep of the park.
-Insurance for entrances, park, and common areas.
-Website and email updates and alerts.
-Landscaping for front entrances, park, and common areas.
-Utilities/taxes for front entrances, park, and common areas.
-Mosquito treatment for the park area.
-Social events to encourage neighborhood connections.
-Political advocates to local government for matters that directly affect Roswell and our neighborhoods.

The HOA operates on a modest budget that is 95% essential services, with a very modest 5% social budget.

Please join us and get involved with what directly affects your lives on a daily basis....your neighborhood.


To pay online through Paypal: 
Click the secure link below. All major credit cards are accepted, and a PayPal account is not required:
 Pay Yearly Dues ($95.00):   

 Would You Like to Pay More than 95$:  

Alternate Payment Options:
 Bi-Annual Dues ($47.50):     
 Quarterly Dues ($23.75):        


To pay by check:

Mail $95 check with you name, email, and street address to:

Barrington Farms HOA

P.O. Box 768561

Roswell, Georgia 30076