Little Creek Park (Barrington Farms HOA owned and maintained):
The Barrington Farms HOA maintains and preserves the Little Creek Park for the benefit and welfare of the Barrington Farms residents (Located on Barrington Way).  The park is the one true amenity that we can call our own, so a certain level of pride and ownership resides in many of us.

Please observe four simple rules when playing at the park:
  • The Park is like any other park, open from dawn to dusk.
  • Dogs are allowed but must always be leashed, and you must curb your dog.
  • The park is a "play at your own risk" park, so please always be mindfull of where little ones are what is age appropriate for them to be playing on.
  • Please keep the park clean.  There are two trash cans at the front of the park as well as one by the play area.  Please dispose of any trash or animal waste in these bins.
  • There is NO SMOKING in the park area, for fire safety as well as the benefit of children playing in the park.
The Little Creek Park has many of the basic amenities including:
  • Two picnic table areas (four tables total)
  • Two outdoor grills (one by each picnic area)
  • Benches to rest on and watch your children as they play
  • Swings for both infant and toddlers (4 big swings, 2 infant)
  • Playground area with small infant swing and taller swings
  • NEW, Rock climbing wall on main play structure
  • Access to the little creek behind the park
  • Lots of Shaded area

The playground is our one true amenity.  The park has begun to show it's age.  Over the last year the HOA has started making improvements to the park to make it more enjoyable and safe for our residents and kids.  Some improvements we have already made:
  • Replaced the warped wooden block rail ties around the playground with rubber/plastic kiddie timber ties
  • Replaced the degraded benches around the playground area with new "no maintenance" coated benches to accomdate more seating and reduce maintenance (Sponsered by Verizon Wireless Amphitheater)
  • Install playground safe mulch
  • New Front Entrance Sign
  • New trash can at lower park area
  • New Climbing rock wall for kids on the main playground tower.

But there is so much more to do.  Please consider giving to the "SAVE THE PARK FUND".  You can go to the Dues tab (SAVE THE PARK subtab) and donate any amount to go toward the fund.  Our goal is to add more individual play stations, powerwash and stain the equipment, and add a covered picnic area.  Any amount is always welcome.  This fund is tracked seperately from our general fund books and funds will only be used to update the park.