Resident Notification Committee Home

Thank you for visiting the Resident Notification Committee webpage.  In 2012 the Barrington Farms HOA board unanimously decided to reactivate the "Code Enforcement" committee and to restructure it and name it the Resident Notification Committee.  The purpose of this committee is to receive resident complaints and notifications of neighbors who have possible code violations and pass that information on to the resident so that they are aware of the issue and to give them a chance to act to correct it before it gets to the point of reporting to the city.  To be clear this is only in regards to "City Ordinance" violations, we do not enforce personal resident choices (i.e. yard or lawn art...etc).

A resident can fill out a "Report Issue" form under the Resident Notification Committee section of this website.  After a issue is filed the HOA will act on the report and issue a email or written notice to the resident to let them know of the reported issue and allow them the time to try to correct or act upon it.  Residents who report issues are kept confidential (unless they approve the release of their name).

If you receive a notice, you have 24 hours to respond to the notice (via email, ) or call the voicemail hotline (678-951-9022).  If you respond and let us know about the situation and what you plan to do about it we will pass that along to the resident who filed the complaint.  If no response is received or if the code violation is not resolved then the issue will be passed on to Roswell City Code Enforcement.

Again the goal of this committee is to help neighbors communicate issues so that our residents and neighbors can address them internally before it gets to the point of city involvement.  Our primary goal should always first and foremost be to be a great and neighborly community, and second to always work to protect the safety and integrity of our neighborhood.

To view city codes online go to