Vacant Julian Tomesh Jeff Hayes
HOA Board Mission  
Barrington Farms Homeowners Association is dedicated to ensuring the beauty, safety, and stability of the area, promoting neighborliness and pride among the residents, and forming a base for representation in matters affecting the community.  
HOA Board Members  
The Association is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors. Elections are held annually with each Director serving a two-year term of office. The current Board Members and their contact information is listed below.  
Interim-President Stephanie Sears  
Interim-Vice President Shawn Stanish  
Secretary Vacant  
Treasurer Lisa Mustaffa (Interim)  
Membership Vacant  
At Large Post 1 Erik Beinart

At Large Post 2 Julian Tomesh
Committee Chairs  
Various committees made up of volunteer homeowners manage specific areas of activity for Association members. To participate as a committee member, contact the Committee Chair listed below  
Landscape  Jeff Hayes
Social Chair Vacant  
Welcome Chair Vacant  

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